Pageant Categories, Judging and Scoring


Contestant have 35 seconds to introduce themselves, this should be in the form of a speech. Introduction should include but is not limited to name, age, title (Miss so & so), West Indian background, hobbies, future aspirations and any other information that you would like the judges to know about you. This segment will be worth 20 points, and will be judged as follows:


Diction 5 points
Content 5 points
Personality & Presence 5 points
Connection with Audience and Judges 5 points
Total 20 points

Evening wear

Contestants will present themselves in an evening gown of their choice. Gown should be full length and of tasteful design, this segment is worth 20 points and will be judged as follows: 

Poise & Posture 5 points
Personality, Confidence and walk 10 points
Connection to Audience and Judges 5 points
Total 20 points


Question and Answer

Contestants will have 20 seconds to answer question, this segments will be worth 20 points and will be judged as follows:


Diction 5 points
Content 10 points
Presence and Personality 5 points
Total 20 points


Each contestant must write an original essay, in response to an question. The essay will be judged not only on the topic, but also on creativity, spelling, punctuation and grammar:


Creativity 5 points
Spelling, Punctuation, Grammar 5 points
Response to Topic 10 points
Total 20 points
Maximum Score 120 points

Pre-Pageant Interview

Contestants will meet with a panel of judges prior to the pageant for an interview. For this segment, worth 20 points, contestants should present themselves in tasteful outfit suitable for a job or TV interview and will be judged as follows:


Diction 5 points
Content 5 points
Personality 5 points
Presence 5 points
Total 20 points

Weekly Education Sessions

In addition to the weekly rehearsals, pageant participants will have weekly education sessions which they will learn skills which will help them during their pageant and in later stages of their life. These sessions include:

  • Essay Writing
  • Dining Etiquette
  • Dress for Success
  • Personal Branding
  • Public Speaking


Contestants must perform a 3 minute routine of the choice. Talent should be in good taste with no Nudity, Profanity or Sexual content. This segment is worth 20 points. Talent will be scored as follows:


Originality 5 points
Technique 5 points
Presentation 10 points
Total 20 points

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