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According to the American Literacy Association, Digital Literacy is “the ability to use information and communication technologies to find, evaluate, create, and communicate information, requiring both cognitive and technical skills.” It can be viewed in three ways:

  • Finding and consuming digital content
    • Finding and consuming digital content is like reading a book, such as turning on the device and flipping pages back and forth so it can be view as “online reading.” It is learning to search for content in online space. Individuals need to have the ability to search engine using key words and navigate those results, including assessing the reliability of authors and websites.
  • Creating digital content
    • It includes writing in digital formats such as email, blogs, and Tweets. It also includes creating other forms of media, such as videos and podcasts.
  • Communicating or sharing it
    • Digital writing is generally used to communicate with others

  • Some examples of digital literacy are:
    • Research – the ability to discover information with digital tools and evaluate the reliability of such information sources
    • Productivity – the use of digital tools to improve productivity at work and study
    • Communication – the use of digital communication tools such as voice-over-ip application that allows you to join online classes
    • Coding – the ability to code scripts that automate work or calculate something 
    • Maker Culture –the designing and making things with digital tools
    • Games – the ability to play videos games 
    • Economic Participation – the ability to use the productivity tools used by businesses and employers
    • Social Participation – the ability to socialize in the digital environments 
    • Media Participation – the ability to publish content to internet to reach a large audience
    • Defensive Computing – basic awareness of information security and the steps to reduce risks in a digital environment

Technology is constantly evolving making it a necessity to get and maintain strong digital literacy skills.  After all, it is consumption, creation, or communication of digital material. It provides opportunities to leverage digital texts, tools for design, creating, play, and problem solving.

Digital Literacy Instructor teaches computer, Internet, smartphones, social media, and help students develop the essential skills they need to use digital technologies with confidence. 

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