Community Engagement

Lets Make A Difference In Our Communities!

Community Engagement

Community Engagement involves working to make a difference in the life of our communities and developing the combination of knowledge skills, values, and motivation to make that difference. It focuses on promoting the quality of life in a community by investing in the stability and welfare of the overall community. It seeks to better engage the community to achieve long-term and sustainable outcomes, processes, relationships, discourse, decision-making, or implementation.

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Members Coalition

Community Coalition is an interest-based community who share a common interest, a common bond. It is a platform for exchanging ideas and thoughts about the community. Its members take part in the community to exchange information, seek answers to questions or problems to improve their understandings of a subject. It works to influence program directions made through partnerships.

Currently, there are 13 active organizations which forms the Community Coalition, which are:

Advocacy to Legacy, Caribbean American Society, Cricket Hall of Fame, Greater Hartford West Indian Lions Club, Jamaica Ex-Police Association, Jamaica Progressive League, New England Grand Lodge, Saint Lucian Association, Sportsman Athletic Club, Ukrainian National Home of Hartford, Inc, West Indian Foundation, West Indian Independence Celebration, and West Indian Social Club of Hartford, Inc.

Topics of interest are covered on Monday nights in a virtual environment, via Zoom.



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