Founders Day

Celebrating the founders, the past, our present, and planning for the future.

Founders Day 2022 was Live!

Thanks for your support. See you in 2023.

Why are we having a Founders Day? What can you expect of Founders Day? Why should we participate in Founders Day?

It is a day to observe the contributions of all the people who sacrifice for this organization. A day celebrating the establishment of the organization on which its founders are honored, and the historic building will be open to the community. It is a day to appreciate the sacrificial roles that the founders and leaders had and have played in advancing the mission of the organization. The day will be full of activities and encouraging Caribbean people and their descents to embrace their culture and celebrate their homeland.

The organization was founded on October 27, 1950, and we are looking to have Founders Day on the 3rd Saturday each October. We have much to celebrate about.  It is imperative that we build the intergenerational connection by creating a space for the 2nd and 3rd generations to learn about the legacy of the first-generation Caribbean people. It is also a family day, where multiple generations can be interacting at the clubhouse. It will also serve as an open house and recruitment for new members.

What is the difference between the Founders Day and the Anniversary Program?

The anniversary program is about highlighting past accomplishments as well as looking forward. To communicate to members, employees, patrons, stakeholders, community that the organization has survived and intends to be around for the foreseeable future – a sustainable future.

Video highlights from a recent appreciation program for a founding member, Kenneth Bennett, Sr. who celebrated his birthday (100 year old – centenarian).

Program outline / Event Guide

There are three main parts to Founders Day ( see attached flyer):

Founders Day 2022 @ WISCOH
One Love Food Giveaway - WISCOH & Angel of Edgewood

Pop-Up Resources

The Pop- UP Shop for the day will go from 9 AM to 2 PM.  Financial members, grantors, and employees will be able to display their product and services to the community.  It is also highlighting one of the benefits of being a member of the organization, a collaborator of the organization, and employees working to promote and support the mission of the organization.

Memorial Services

We have had several members who passed away between 2019 – 2022. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we were not able to memorialize these members.  This segment gives us the opportunity to stop and reflect on our beloved members.

Book Scholarships ( see flyer)

2022 Book Scholarship Essay competition for College students of Caribbean Descent.

***New Deadline for Essays: Tuesday, November 15th, 2022

We have always found away to support our college bound students and the book scholarship program is no different.  This year the focus is on helping students to buy their books. At the same time, we are asking them to help us to stay focus on the real reason why we celebrate our culture. We are asking them to answer two questions for us: Why is it important to embrace our history as Caribbean people? How can this experience positively impact the future? We would like to take this opportunity to recognize the Donors who are supporting the Book Scholarships:

  • Marcia Anderson-Esson
  • Carmon Funeral Home
  • Hugh Freeney
  • Beverly Redd
  • Errol Smith

Also, funds received from the silent auction at the 2022 Anniversary Gala will go toward the book scholarships Put on your walking shoe – it is Founders Day at WISCOH – Saturday, October 15, 2022, starting at 9 AM .  We need your support, both as a volunteer and as participant.  Will you come out?