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The West Indian Social Club of Hartford, Inc

The West Indian Social Club of Hartford, Inc ( WISCOH, WISC) was established in 1950, as a 501c7 organization, to serve as a cultural and social organization for the Greater Hartford West Indian and Caribbean population who migrated to support the United States during World War II. 

This population primarily consisted of farm workers who started from humble beginnings but had high hopes for the future. They were greatly influenced by West Indian visionaries such as Marcus Garvey, Michael Manley, Alexander Bustamante, Eric Williams, Grantley Adams, and Cheddi Jagan. Inspired by these visionary leaders, the farm workers aspired to improve their quality of life, preserve their cultural heritage, and work towards economic prosperity within their local and international West Indian and Caribbean communities.

Our Mission:

The West Indian Social Club of Hartford promotes, articulates, interprets, and preserves West Indian and Caribbean culture.

Our Vision:

The West Indian Social Club of Hartford is a cultural center of educational, entertainment, and serves as a migrant resource of the West Indian and Caribbean-American culture.

Our Values:

  • Innovation – We will encourage the creation of progressive business developments and productive partnerships with our patrons, members, and the community
  • Integrity – We will strive to demonstrate the highest ethical and professional standards for our patrons, members, and the community
  • Cultural Competency – We will recognize and respect the diversity of our patrons, members, and the community
  • Education – We will enhance the knowledge of our members and their families by providing community programs, resources, and services to support the cultural, intellectual, and social growth of our people


Since the inception of this organization, there are many offspring that continues to carry the vision of our found fathers and make it the vibrant community it is today.

Some examples are:

  • The West Indian Foundation (WIF) – Uses tax-deductible contributions to develop and provide educational and cultural programs
  • Taste of the Caribbean – Provides cultural programs on an annual basis to the community at large
  • The West Indian Independence Committee (WIIC) – Focuses on the annual West Indian Parade to the Greater Hartford Community
  • The Sportsman Club & Cricket Hall of Fame – Focuses on the development & preservation of cricket in Caribbean History
  • The Friendship Group – Consists of several community organizations to provide scholarship for college-bound students 
  • WISC is a founding member of the National Association of Jamaican and Supportive Organization (NAJASO) based in Maryland, USA
  • WISC members serves in various positions in the national and international umbrella organizations, such as The Jamaica Diaspora Conference

The organization also offers a 17,500 sq ft facility that serves the community.

WISC is proud to preserve and to cherish the legacy that has been entrusted to us by our founders and members.

Email to:  OR Mail/Drop off In-Person at: 3340 Main St., Hartford, CT 06120

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