West Indian Social Club
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Established in 1950
The #1 West Indian / Caribbean American community hub in North America.
Your home away from home.

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FRI., OCT. 20th

BIRTHDAY FRIDAY Every third Friday of the Month - With QR CODE - BDF
Flags of the Caribbean - Independent territories followed by the dependent territories - WISCOH & USA Flag Included

A brief introduction to WISCOH, Inc.  

70th Anniversary Logo - Place on the West Indian Social Club's Building photo

The West Indian Social Club of Hartford is a cultural center of education, entertainment, and serves as a migrant resource of the West Indian and Caribbean-American culture.

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General Respiratory Illnesses Winter Surge Notice:

During the winter months, respiratory illnesses (including COVID-19) typically surge, and everyone is advised to wear masks in all indoor spaces where social distancing is limited. To better protect everyone, we encourage members and visitors to wear well-fitted masks indoors and or self-quarantine per CDC guidelines, especially, persons who are exposed. (CDC.gov for latest info)

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21 September 2023
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Memories - Every Thursdays @ WISCOH

WISCOH 2023 Calendar (PRINT)

WISCOH 2023 Calendar - Featured & Important Dates, Supporters, Highlights and more

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Birthday Friday - August Vs. October - In “Birthday Friday” Land it’s August vs. October for most turn out. In 2023, will another month rise?

In “Birthday Friday” land, it’s August vs. October for most turnout. In 2023, will another month rise?

At Birthday Fridays, August and October were the most popular months for the past few years. In 2023, will another month challenge that status?

Midnight In The City - 2022 NYE Highlights - Sean Orlando, Shann-i, El Shaddai Lesha Nova, Ras Zion, Headliner: Mario Cheef. , Queen Adessa, RasT & Dappa Music, DJ Yanks, Members and Friends of West Indian Social Club of Hartford, Inc., Busy Radio

Starting off the New Year with LOCAL talent is a bold statement.

Programming for the youth & the community. New Year 2023 at WISCOH started off with hosting & showcasing young and upcoming LOCAL talents. Fundraiser supported by WISC Members, Busy Radio and others..

the Under 35 Roundtable @ West Indian Social Club of Hartford -

Connecting with the Future leaders. Roundtable Talks at WISCOH

WISCOH connecting with the Under 35 Age Group. Goal is to connect with the future leaders within the Caribbean American community.

Hartford Health & Wellness Seminars Round 1 at WISCOH - Panelist - powered by 2 Your Health, LLC

Hartford’s Health & Wellness Seminars @ WISCOH – Round 1, Completed.

Seminar attendees learned how to improve their physical, mental and spiritual health using a natural (diet & lifestyle) approach.

WISCOH - Workshop - Guest Speaker/ Presenter- The Community Investment Fund (CIF)

The Community Investment Fund (CIF) Workshop & Engagement

CIF Workshop at WISCOH – People from the community and various organizations gathered together in effort to understand what CIF is and how it can impact the community as a whole.

AUGUST 2022 - Birthday Friday - Album Cover - Hartford CT - West Indian Social Club of Hartford

Cultural celebration week has ended, but Birthday Friday celebrations continue.

A night of fun, music/entertainment, food, raffle, prizes and more. AUGUST born celebrated their birthdays at Birthday Friday in Hartford at WISCOH.

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