Hartford CT (WISCOH) – Historically, for the past few years, Birthday Fridays at the West Indian Social Club of Hartford (WISCOH) have had a rich turnout of people supporting friends and family born in August and October. Is this the result of several well-known individuals born in those months? Maybe people born in August and October are more outgoing, “the extrovert” party people work-hard play-hard mode types? Do the Zodiac charts match this? Is it that more people celebrate birthdays in those two months? Is more effort put into these months to make them more successful than other months? Or are those the final festive months before old man winter start snowboarding in the northeast? Whatever the reason for the higher turnout, the question is, in 2023, will another month rise to the occasion and top records set by August and October for the past few years?

What is Birthday Friday (BDF)?

Community Birthday Friday is one of Hartford, CT’s best places to celebrate your birthday with people who share birthdays within the same month. At BDF, attendees eat cultural food, has the opportunity to network/socialize, purchase raffle tickets, get their pictures taken, dance, have fun, and, if they are lucky, win prizes. There is also a cash prize at stake. If you win, you can take it home or donate it back to BDF or to a program or cause of your choice to enhance the social club.

Birthday Friday is celebrated every month and usually lands on the Third Friday of the month unless it conflicts with another upcoming major event at the social club which requires a lot of support from members  (for example – Anniversary Gala, Celebration Week, Founders Day, Snowflakes and Shadow, more recently Midnight In The City, are some programming that requires lots of effort from members)

Why Celebrate your birthday at Birthday Friday (BDF)?

Why go through the hassle of planning a party for yourself when you can donate some money and time to birthday Friday, then invite your friends out for a night of fun? No event venue rental fees, DJ fees, Decorations fees, Photography Fees, Food Fees etc… Nevertheless, Imagine a group of people pooling together and contributing a few hundred instead of spending thousands alone. This officially makes community Birthday Friday, and everyone can show up and have fun.

Come out and celebrate with other people born in the same month. You may very well find a Birthday Twin.

Connect with the Director of Social Programming, Vernette Joshua to begin planning your month’s domination. Be forewarned, August and October will answer back.

Take a look at come of the latest photo gallery from birthday Friday of people celebrating their birthdays in 2022 – see the links below.


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