Hartford, CT – On New Year’s Eve (NYE), Saturday, December 31st 2022, the West Indian Social Club of Hartford (WISCOH) made a bold statement with “Midnight in the City”.  Ringing the New Year 2023 by hosting & showcasing young and upcoming talents in the entertainment industry. The night included a selection of DJs and performing artists. The most notable part of this line-up is that they are all local Connecticut, with the exception of one surprise visit by DJ from New York. The DJ Line-up included DJ Majesty, RasT & Dappa Music, DJ Yanks, and special Guest DJ Bravo Genius from New York. The performance line-up included Sean Orlando, Shann-i, El Shaddai,  Lesha Nova, Ras Zion, and Headliner: Mario Cheef. There was one person responsible for MC’ing and working the audience and that person was Queen Adessa, a member of the under 35 community outreach group at WISCOH. This was a new pilot event, and certainly it did not go off without some hiccups. Like every program in its infant stages, those hiccups will serve as a learning experience to make the event better year after year.

One issue event goers faced was the fact that there were two separate events at the West at the same time. One in the rear of the building in the People’s Ballroom which is managed by Stewart Blueland, LLC, and the other in the Disco Room (managed by WISCOH) in the front of the building where “Midnight In the City” was being held. Because of this, some event goers were confused. One solution, which is on the radar of Beverly Redd, chair of WISCOH,  is having better signage in the future.

Another issue was the starting time for the stage performances. Artists, as we know, love the energy of the crowd and the later the crowd takes to form, the later the artists will wait to perform. It’s an interesting challenge to get people to come out early when the artists is up-and-coming and operating on a lower budget. However, it seems more young people are stepping up to take on these challenges. Of course the WISCOH Disco Room could use some upgrades such as: over head performance lighting, audio visual system modernization and digital entry payment system, etc.  All of these enhancements have one thing in common: They require funds, which present another challenge for young people. The young people have accepted the challenge, now it’s up to the community to come out and support their initiatives!

Thanks to everyone who made this possible: Members and Friends of the West Indian Social Club of Hartford, Busy Radio, Queen Adessa, Ardie Cuban, Mario Cheef Music Group, Security Guard Team, all the DJs, all the Entertainers, and all the supporters.

P.S. Come out early, so the entertainers can entertain early. Every action has a reaction.

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Lesha Nova -Midnight In The City - 2022 NYE Highlights -  Members and Friends of West Indian Social Club of Hartford, Inc., Busy Radio

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