‘Empowering Life Every Day’


Morant Bay, St. Thomas, Jamaica

In association with a number of local

West Indian organizations in Hartford

‘SEED FOR LIFE’ is seeking donations to help purchase an Ultrasound Machine for the Princess Margaret Hospital in Morant Bay, St. Thomas, Jamaica. The machine costs US$14,460.

‘SEED FOR LIFE’ is also seeking donations in the form of books, pens, backpacks, shoes, clothing, and food stuff, etc. to assist with their school and welfare program.

‘SEED FOR LIFE’ is an organization that helps improve the health, social, educational conditions of less fortunate children, adults, and senior citizens in Jamaica.

 Empowering‘SEED FOR LIFE’ was recently presented with some donations of medical lab coats and scrubs that are used in hospitals, at the Cricket Hall of Fame. From left are Sister Cities representative John Davis, Seed For Life CEO Ionie Roberts, and donors Lance Gordon Jr. and Stanford Walker.


Persons who want to contribute are asked to contact John Davis at Sportmen’s Athletic Club/Seedforlife at 860-788-4278.