Securing its 3rd title the West Indian Social Club was able to capture victory for the 3rd Annual Connecticut Cricket League/Keith Carr T-20 Championship. On Sunday, September 27th at Keney Park, Riverside Cricket Club was defeated in an exciting match after being bowled out at 86 runs.

Aided by exceptional bowling and wicket keeping, Riverside opened first and lost four wickets to Clive Garrison, two to Omar Raynor, and two more to Nick Blackwood along with outstanding wicket keeping by Keniel Williams and bowler Clive Garrison.

Responding to Riverside were Nick Blackwood and Nickel Hay who went in to bat scoring 39 not out and 42 not out respectively. The West Indian Social Club closed the match with a final score of 91 without losing a wicket in 11.4 overs.

The West Indian Social Club congratulates its cricketers on this wonderful achievement and the members look forward to supporting them in their future endeavors.

Front row: Bonner, father of Jonathan Bonner & Spectator; Omar Raynor, Captain & Batsman; Shawvan Mclean, Batsman & Bowler; Adrian Campbell, Batsman. Second Row: Keniel Williams, Wicket Keeper& Batsman; Clive Garrison, Bowler; Jonathan Bonner, Batsman; Nick Hay, Opening Batsman. Back: Nick Blackwood, Opening Batsman & Bowler; Dwayne Henry, Bowler.

Members not in the photo are: Javon Dacres, batsman; Joseph Dixon, batsman; Donald Pitter, Batsman; Kenroy Virgo, Bowler; Carter Wang, Batsman


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