54th Annual Miss West Indian Social Club and Young Men’s Memorial Scholarship


The West Indian Social Club of Hartford, Inc. will present the 54th Scholarship Pageant on Sunday, July 10th, 2016, 4:00 p.m. at the West Indian American Center, 3340 Main Street, Hartford, Connecticut.

The West Indian Social Club is one of the oldest running organizations of its kind in the United States. The organization was founded in 1950 by farm workers who were recruited from the Caribbean to work in the tobacco fields in Windsor, Connecticut. The West Indian American Center, the social club’s headquarters, has evolved to serve as a gathering place for meetings, educational forums and social affairs, which are important to the unified life of the community. The annual Scholarship Pageant program is an integral part of the community’s support of higher education. The Scholarship Pageant program provides an opportunity for young women of Caribbean/West Indian heritage to win a one-year scholarship award towards their college education costs. At the same time, participants gain poise, confidence and life skills that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

On Wednesday, April 27th at 6:30 pm and Saturday, April 30th at 1:30 pm the West Indian Social Club of Hartford will be hosting open houses for the scholarship pageant in the Founder’s Lounge at the West Indian Social Club, 3340 Main Street, Hartford, CT. The Open House is a chance to hear the full details of what to expect from the 8-week pageant process. It’s also a chance to have questions answered related to the pageant. Parents and guardians are encouraged to attend so that they can have their questions answered as well.

Please confirm your interest in participating in the pageant and/or your attendance at the open house by sending correspondence to Ogewu Agbese (Ogewu.c.agbese@gmail.com) with the subject line “WISC Scholarship Pageant”.