The Education for Development and Support Network Foundation (EDSN) is pleased to introduce Ms. Beverly Redd as its West Indian Social Club Digital Community (WISCDC) director. The WISCDC is established to complement the cultural, educational and social mission, and will be working in close collaboration with, the West Indian Social Club of Hartford Inc. (WISC). Ms. Redd and her management team is accountable to the EDSN under a five-year development grant with the WISC.

Beverly brings a wealth of professional expertise and experience to the WISCDC position. As director she will explore community development partnership opportunities that emerging technologies afford as well as to manage side effects and shared responsibilities these technologies bring to community life. The WISCDC has many aspects of self-help, excitement and hopefulness similar to ambitions West Indian farm workers brought to Connecticut in support of the war efforts during the 1940s. WISCDC as with past worthwhile explorations is driven by shared interests and individual ambitions.

Beverly resume reflects her leadership skills ability to consistently earn trust, and respect from her past endeavors that coalesced the WISC community around what it view as important in ways governments and businesses can’t afford or unwilling to provide. We are confident Beverly will continue to earn that trust and respect from coalescing her community around WISCDC’s digital portals (website, digital magazines, and social media pages). WISCDC will purposefully give members permission to transform themselves, along with the worlds they share, in ways they view as important.

Beverly understands the most importance aspects of the WISCDC. She will promote sustainable development through self-help capacity, entrepreneurial and indigenous philanthropy which is fueled by local values, ambitions, and situations in which community members find themselves. For example: (1) ability to adjudicate safe distances among stakeholders in a transparent environment with trust, accountability, open data, and where knowledge sharing can thrive; (2) Offer useful alternatives to chronic helpless financial-based behaviors and unwritten rules related benevolence brings; (3) Coordinated collective predatory defense; (4) affirm continuous self-evaluation and promote seamless movement between formal and informal education (creation, transmission, and use of knowledge) that weaves useful meanings into belonging to the community.

Please help me welcome Beverly and her management team to WISCDC. Please take a tour of the WISCDC portals and let us hear your first impressions. Let her know areas you find useful; those areas you think need improvement, and ways in which you can help.