The West Indian Social Club of Hartford and The Community Coalition presents:

Civic Engagement: Understanding the Value of Your Power.
Voting – All we need to know about voting | Census | Redistricting.

Presented by:
Kenneth Green, Greater Hartford Branch NAACP Political Action Chair, Former State Representative, Connecticut 1st Assembly District.

Moderated by:
Carole Mulready, Voter Service Chair, The League of Women Voters of Connecticut

Get answers to the following questions:
· Can you name your mayor, first select person?
· Can you name your state representative and state senator?
· What are some basic differences local elected officials, state and fed representatives regarding their duties and responsibilities?
· What percentage of voters voted in the 2020 Presidential elections in Connecticut?
· Can unaffiliated voters vote in primaries?
· What are primaries?
· Can a 17-year-old register to vote in Connecticut?
· What is the Citizens Elections Program (CEP)?
· Can you name one new law that went into effect in Connecticut this year?
· Should 18-year-olds be allowed to purchase and consume alcohol?
· Connecticut has approximately 2.5 million voters. Can you break down the number of Republicans, Democrats and Unaffiliated voters that are registered in the state?
· Some towns have the ballot printed in English and Spanish. Does your town have a bi-lingual ballot?

Location: Hartford, Connecticut – West Indian Social Club of Hartford, Inc.
Director of Education: Claudette Graham (

Civic Engagement Series on Voting