On January 16th, 2022 the new 2022 to 2024 Board of Directors of the West Indian Social Club Inc. of Hartford was sworn in. The installation & reception was hybrid, accommodating attendance via zoom and in-person at the club. Ten (10) members were sworn in and this was the first in history that the Board is made up of mostly young minds.

A member of the community , Khristina Surgeon, who attended provided the following summary of the Board of Directors Installation:

The swearing in ceremony at the West Indian Social Club on January 16, 2022 was a great event. It is nice to see more young professionals join the Club and it is especially pleasing to see that there will be much-needed new perspectives to the Board. Young professionals bring new ideologies that can transcend the Club’s culture. There is so much in store for our community.

The potential for growth excites me and I can’t wait to see what this new slate does in and around our community.