“Let Food Be Thy Medicine And Medicine Be Thy Food.”

(Hippocrates 460-370 BC, Greek Physician/Father of Modern Medicine)

Hartford, CT (WISCOH) – The goal of the recently completed ‘Hartford’s Health & Wellness Seminars’ was to demonstrate that ‘good food’ is truly our best preventative and curative medicine. November 7th was the final of 8 Mondays during which the seminars were presented. The seminars began on Monday, 9/19/22 and provided research-based and practical educational experiences to attendees in an effort to teach them how to use good physical, mental and spiritual ‘food’ to improve their health. The interconnection between body, mind and spirit along with the importance and fundamental impacts of dietary and lifestyle habits including good nutrition, sleep, pure water, sunshine, fresh air, social connection and faith in the health of the whole person was emphasized. U.S statistics, causes, symptoms and holistic, natural remedial steps related to largely preventable chronic conditions such as obesity, diabetes, cancer, depression, joint pain, heart disease and others were reviewed. Focus was also given to the alarming prevalence and widespread negative impacts of environmental toxins on our health. The negative consequences of our current lifestyle and environmental toxins are seen in the CDC’s declaration that 6 in 10 Americans have at least one and 4 in 10 have at least two chronic, largely preventable, diet and lifestyle-related diseases.

The knowledge provided in ‘Hartford’s Health & Wellness Seminars’ is timely and essential if we are to begin to truly address and reverse the high rates of chronic diseases (whether physical, mental or spiritual) in society at large, which disproportionately impact urban and poorer communities. It, therefore, behooves us to continue to educate ourselves on the causes and potential remedies for these preventable maladies as was undertaken during the seminars. As a result, the general consensus of attendees was that the seminars were a unique and potentially very beneficial educational tool that should be repeated and offered widely to Hartford’s youth, adults and senior citizens alike. By so doing, Hartford residents would reap the benefits through the resulting improvements in physical, mental and moral health, which equates to a better state of personal and community safety and well-being!

Highlights of the seminars included:

  • Attendees sampling various healthy, flavorful plant-based foods
  • Attendees planting and enjoying nutritionally dense microgreen seeds
  • Attendees listening to guests’ testimonials on using health & wellness steps to improve issues such as autism, lower back pain and weight management
  • Attendees participating in a lively panel discussion featuring a variety of professionals from the physical, mental and spiritual health disciplines.

Panelists’ qualifications & contact info:

  • Oral Blackstock (Minister, First Church of God, Hartford)
    • Pastor@fcoghartford.org
  • Alicia Feller (Clinical Social Worker, Holistic Mental Health Advocate/Entrepreneur, DMHAS Sr. Mgr.)
    • afeller2002@gmail.com
  • Kip Kolesinskas (Soil Scientist, Conservationist, Climate Change Adaptation Strategist)
    • kip.kolesinskas@gmail.com  
  • Shanelle Morris (Food Justice Advocate, Grow Hartford Youth Program, Hartford Food System Inc.)
    • shanelle@hartfordfood.org  

These health and wellness seminars were made possible through a collaboration with the West Indian Social Club and grants from The Prosperity Foundation and The City of Hartford.  They were coordinated and led by Yvette Williams of 2 Your Health, LLC (Holistic Health Researcher, Educator & Entrepreneur).  Program flyer: https://bit.ly/3BIRkaOFor Questions Call/Email 860-726-3214 or c2yourhealth@hotmail.com.

Yvette Williams of 2 Your Health, LLC -Hartford Health & Wellness Seminars Round 1 at WISCOH

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Check out the photos from Day 8 of the Seminars, credit to JOHN ALISTA (@johnalista).

Program Flyer

Hartford's Health & Wellness Seminars @ WISCOH - West Indian Social Club - 2 Your Health, LLC

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